Send a Digital Time Capsule

ZinniaAfternote Digital Time Capsule was designed to allow our users to send scheduled message to a designated individual at their comfort and convenience. 

As an old saying, time will heal, and wisdom will be imparted, only if the intentions are communicated.

A time capsule will be relevant in situations where confrontational face-to-face conversation, an instant text message, or breaking the bad news becomes totally impossible.

Time capsule provides our users with the platform to translate raw thoughts and emotions into writing to their love ones in the near future.

Our users can prepare the message at their comfort and convenience, and have full autonomy of who and when the message should be sent to.

Have something in mind and could not say? Finding the best time to communicate it to your special someone?

Send a time capsule today.

The Digital Time Capsule is a complimentary service powered by ZinniaAfternote.